Pre Starters


Spicy Papadom£0.70

Lime Pickle£0.60

Mango Chutney£0.60

Onion Salad£0.60

Red Sauce£0.60

Mint Sauce£0.60

Plain Raita£1.95

Mixed Raita£2.50


Mixed startars£4.95
Chicken, lamb & seekh kebab

Curryzma Platter For 2£6.50
A delicious combination of vegetable samosa (2), crab cake, lamb patties & seekh kebabs (2)

Meat Samosa£2.95
Triangular pastry filled with mixed meat

vegetable somasa£2.95
Triangular pastry filled with mixed vegetable

Onion Bhajiÿ£2.50
Crisp onions deep fried in a coating of gram flour batter

Tandoori Paneer St£2.95
Grilled Indian cheese with mango chutney

Papri Chaat£2.95
The seaside attraction of Bombay, small biscuit like puris topped with cubed boiled potatoes, gram flour straws, sprouted lentils, yoghurt & covered with mix of mint, tamarind & chilli chutneys

Tandoori Chicken St£3.50
Grilled chicken marinated in yoghurt & lightly spiced

Paneer Shashlick st£3.95
Marinated paneer cubed with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum

Mini Shashlick st£4.50
Marinated spring chicken cubed roasted over tandoori with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum & selected spices

Lamb Tikka Starter£3.50

Lamb Chops (S)£4.95

Chicken Tikka Starter£3.25
Marinated in yoghurt & fresh spices delicately grilled

Seekh Kebab£3.50
Grilled seekh of minced lamb with fresh herbs & aromatic spice mix

Ragara Patties£3.50
Meltingly soft lamb with subtle spices

Chicken Chat£3.50
Cooked in chaat masala sauce with fine chopped cucumber & tomato

Lassani ÿLamb Tikka St£3.50
Flame grilled, marinated with subtle spices in yoghurt

Prawn Puri£3.50
Prawn in tangy sauce served with puri

King Prawn Puri£4.95
Prawn in tangy sauce served with puri

Spicy Crab Cake£3.95
A coastal preparation of fresh crab meat, mashed potatoes with touch of grounded coconut

Spicy Fried Squid£3.95
Lightly spiced with curry leaves & aromatic spice

Haryali King Prawn Starter£4.95
Marinated with fresh green herbs & spices, grilled in the tandoor

Daal Soup£3.00

Soup Muiligatawny£3.00

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken M£6.50
On the bone. Spring chicken marinated in fresh herbs & spices (half tandoori)

Tandoori Panner Main£6.95

Chicken Shashlick£7.95
Marinated spring chicken cubed roasted over tandoori with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum & selected spices

Lamb Shashlick£7.95
Marinated spring Lamb cubed roasted over tandoori with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum & selected spices

Haryali King Prawn M£10.95
King prawns marinated in ginger, chillies & lemon thyme, glazed in tandoori

Chicken Tikka (DRY DISH - M)£6.50
Marinated in yoghurt with added aroma of fresh spices delicately glazed in tandoori

Lamb Tikka (DRY DISH - M)£7.95
Marinated in yoghurt with added aroma of fresh spices delicately glazed in tandoori

Mix Tikka main£6.95
A combination of chicken & lamb mixed together & cooked in the clay oven

Lamb Chops main£9.95
Tender lamb chops marinated in a spicy sauce & grilled in a tandoor

Paneer Shashlick main£6.95
Marinated paneer cubed with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum

Tandoori Platter£11.95
Consisting of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, king prawn, paneer Served with naan

Garlic Chilli Chicken Tikka£6.95
Diced pieces of tender breast chicken flavoured with green chilli, onions, garlic & peppers Hot

Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik£10.95
With fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum & selected spices

Tandoori King Prawn£10.95
Marinated in yoghurt & fresh spices delicately grilled

Biriyani Dishes

Chicken Biriyani£7.95

Lamb ÿBiriyani£8.95

Chicken Tikka Biriyani£8.95

Lamb Tikka Biriyani£8.95

Prawn ÿBiriyani£8.95

King Prawn biryani£10.95

Special Biriyani£10.95

Vegetable ÿBiriyani£7.95

Seafood Dishes

Crab Bhuna£7.95
Meltingly soft fresh crab meat, cooked in South Indian style in a thick gravy sauce

Kerala Fish Curry£7.95
Tilapia, marinated in turmeric & gently cooked in a spicy sauce with mustard seeds

Tandoori King Prawn ÿMasala£10.95
Cooked with almonds, coconuts, peeled tomatoes & fresh yoghurt with cream. It is the world famous dish Contain nuts

Goan Fish Curry£7.95
Salmon fish cooked with coconut & black pepper with medium spiced sauce

Fish Karahi£7.95
Cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers & fresh gingers

Prawn Saag£6.95
Green spinach cooked with fresh garlic & onions

Prawn Jalfrezi£6.95
Cooked with garlic, green chilli & yoghurt based sauce with a touch of fresh lemon

Palak King Prawn£10.95
Baby spinach cooked with special herbs

Tandoori King Prawn Makani£10.95
Grilled king prawns cooked with rich buttery sauce

Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi£10.95
King prawn marinated & grilled in a tandoori oven then cooked with herbs, green chillies & yoghurt based sauce

Tandoori King Prawn Rezalla£10.95
Marinated & grilled king prawns cooked with garlic onions, green peppers & lime juice

Tandoori King Prawn Balti£12.50
Unique blend of herbs & spices cooked with garlic & ginger in a medium sauce. A really tasty & tangy curry

House Special

Chicken Makhanwala£6.95
Tendered boneless pieces of tandoori chicken finished in a butter sauce with tomatoes, flavoured with fenugreek & garnished with ginger

Chicken Jalfrezi£6.95

Lamb Jalfrezi£7.95

Karahi Chicken£6.95

Lamb Karahi£7.95

Saag Gosht£7.95

Green Chicken Curry£6.95
Delicious green chicken curry made in Indian style. Chicken is cooked with chillies, coriander, mint leaves, green chillies, ginger, garlic, onion & halves. Very flavourful & delicious gravy

Chicken xakuti£6.95
A South Indian style chicken curry, highly spiced & prepared with freshly ground coconut

Lamb Xakuti£7.95
A South Indian style lamb curry, highly spiced & prepared with freshly ground coconut

Chicken Passanda£6.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in fresh cream ground cashew nut, poppy seeds & herbs

Lamb Passanda£7.95
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in fresh cream ground cashew nut, poppy seeds & herbs

Chicken Chilli Fry£6.95
Chicken cooked with fresh green chilli, sliced onion, peppers & subtle spices

Chicken Apricot Curry£6.95
Chicken cooked with appricot & subtle spices

Lamb Apricot Curry£7.95
Lamb cooked with appricot & subtle spices

Paneer Makhani£6.95
Simmered in Indian cheese

Rajasthani Gosht£7.96
Tender lamb cooked slowly in a sauce of fresh tomato, garlic & ginger & finished with coriander

Chicken Tikka Masala£6.95


Lamb Tikka Masala£7.95

Chicken ÿRogan Josh£6.95

Lamb ÿRogan Josh£7.95

Chicken Naga£6.95

Lamb Naga£7.95

Chicken Sag£6.95

Lamb Sag£7.95

Chicken Razalla£6.95

Lamb Razalla£7.95

Chicken Methi£6.95

Lamb Methi£7.95

Chicken Mushroom Curry£6.95

Lamb Mushroom Curry£7.95

Paneer Makhani£8.95

Curry Dishes

Chicken Curry£5.95

Lamb Curry£6.95

Prawn Curry£5.95

King Prawn Curry£9.95

Chicken Tikka Curry£6.95

Lamb Tikka Curry£6.95

Vegetable Curry£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Curry£6.95

Korma Dishes

Chicken Korma£5.95

Lamb Korma£5.95

Prawn Korma£5.95

King Prawn Korma£9.95

Chicken Tikka Korma£6.95

Lamb Tikka Korma£6.95

Vegetable Korma£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Korma£6.95

Bhuna Dishes

Chicken Bhuna£5.95

Lamb Bhuna£6.95

Prawn Bhuna£5.95

King Prawn Bhuna£9.95

Chicken Tikka Bhuna£6.95

Lamb Tikka Bhuna£6.95

Vegetable Bhuna main£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Bhuna£6.95

Dansak Dishes

Chicken Dhansak£5.95

Lamb Dhansak£6.95

Prawn Dhansak£5.95

King Prawn Dhansak£9.95

Chicken Tikka Dhansak£6.95

Lamb Tikka Dhansak£6.95

Vegetable Dhansak£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Dhansak£6.95

Dupiaza Dishes

Chicken Dopiaza£5.95

Lamb Dopiaza£6.95

Prawn Dopiaza£5.95

King Prawn Dopiaza£9.95

Chicken Tikka Dopiaza£6.95

Lamb Tikka Dopiaza£6.95

Vegetable Dopiaza£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Dupiaza£6.95

Madras Dishes

Chicken Madras£5.95

Lamb Madras£6.95

Prawn Madras£5.95

King Prawn Madras£9.95

Chicken Tikka Madras£6.95

Lamb Tikka Madras£6.95

Vegetable Madras£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Madras£6.95

Pathia Dishes

Chicken Pathia£5.95

Lamb Pathia£6.95

Prawn Pathia£5.95

King Prawn Pathia£9.95

Chicken Tikka Pathia£6.95

Lamb Tikka Pathia£6.95

Vegetable Pathia£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Pathia£6.95

Vindaloo Dishes

Chicken Vindaloo£5.95

Lamb Vindaloo£6.95

Prawn Vindaloo£5.95

King Prawn Vindaloo£9.95

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo£6.95

Lamb Tikka Vindaloo£6.95

Vegetable Vindaloo£4.95

Chicken Mushroom Vindaloo£6.95

Signature ÿDishes

Lamb Shank£12.95

Curryzma Special Chicken Curry£6.95

Sea Bass Platter£11.95

Chicken Achari£6.95

Lamb Achari£7.95

Lamb Chops Bhuna£10.95

Chicken Balti£6.95

Chicken Mushroom Balti£6.95

Chicken Shorisha£6.95

Lamb Shorisha£7.95

Jhinga Peri Peri£12.50

King Prawn Special£11.95

Vegetable Main Dishes

Vegetable Dansak£4.95

Vegetable Korma£4.95

Vegetable Masala£4.95

Panner Makani£4.95

Vegetable Korai£4.95

Vegetable Bhuna£4.95

Vegetable Balti£4.95

Vegetable Jalfrezi£4.95

Curry Sauces

Tikka Masala Sauce£3.50

Korma Sauce£3.50

Medium Sauce£3.50

Madras Sauce£3.50

Vindaloo Sauce£3.50

Phall Sauce£3.50

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry£2.95

Vegetable Curry main£4.95

Dry Vegetable£2.95

Vegetable ÿBhuna£2.95

Bindi ÿBhaji£2.95

Saag Bhaji£2.95

Daal Tarka£2.95

Mushroom Bhaji£2.95

Cauliflower Bhaji£2.95

Palak Paneer£2.95

Aloo Gobi£2.95

bombay aloo£2.95

Sag Aloo£2.95

Shahi Begum£2.95

Chana Masala£2.95

Tradition English


Chicken Chips£6.95

Mushroom Omelette Chips£5.95


Sp Rice£2.95

Pilau Rice£2.50

Mushroom Rice£2.95

Boiled Rice£2.50

Lemon Rice£2.95

Garlic ÿRice£2.95

Fried Rice£2.95

Keema Rice£3.95

Vegetable Rice£3.95

Coconat Rice£2.95


Plain Nan£2.10

Keema Naan£2.30

Garlic Naan£2.30

Chese Nan£2.30

Peshwari Nan£2.30


Aloo Paratha£2.50

Stuffed Paratha£2.50

Stuffed Nan£2.50

Tandoori Roti£2.30




Bottle of Coke£2.95

Bottle of D Coke£2.95

Bottle of Lemonade£2.95

Set Meals

Set Meal For Two£20.50
2 Papadoms, 1 Onion Bhaji
1 Chicken Tikka Masala, 1 Chicken Bhuna
1 Saag Aloo, 1 Pilu Rice And 1 Plain Naan.

Set Meal For Four£40.50
4 Papadoms,
1 Chicken Tikka Masala, 1 Chicken Korma, 1 Lamb Bhuna, 1 Lamb Sag
1 Saag Aloo, 1 Mushrrom Bhaji
2 Pilu Rice And 2 Plain Naan.

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